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Managed Services

The new way for the business operations in digital economy

Managed Services

A5E is a new age Business Process Services provider, focused on delivering business impact and create sustainable advantages for the companies by transforming the traditional business operations. We offer solutions by leveraging the power of technology and knowledge with the help of experienced resources and process experts. With our futuristic business model which integrates strategy & operations that ultimately increase growth for enterprises.

Our solutions and services consist of all major function including Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll and Financial Services.


  • Easy adaptation to out burdens and workloads volatility.
  • Flexibility to make changes to current processes.
  • Quick implementation of new services.
  • Global response

Cost Reduction

  • Transforming fix costs into variable costs.
  • Achieving lower cost per operation.
  • Reducing space at customer’s workplace.
  • Decreasing investment in IT infrastructure.


  • Process standardization.
  • Ensuring ongoing improvement (best practices).
  • Learning from other’s experience.

Service Quality

  • Systems that allow quick an efficient response.
  • Specific knowledge of the operations and systems.
  • Exhaustive quality control through SLA., allowing early identification of problems and inmediate reaction in a preventive and corrective way.

Service Offerings

Finance & Accounting
Human Resources
Financial Services
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