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Integrated Business Scenarios

  /  Integrated Business Scenarios

SAP Business ByDesign – Integrated Business Scenarios

SAP Business ByDesign – Customer Relationship Management

Key Innovations

  • SAP Business ByDesign covers CRM or ERP end-to-end processes in one solution
  • The solution assures true customer centricity through a complete process from your first customer interaction to order execution
  • Sales process and execution can be done manually or fully automated including 3rd party order execution
  • Built-in pricing, tax, collaboration, planning, and analytics support fast & efficient execution, transparency and decision making

SAP Business ByDesign – Supply Chain Management

Key Innovations

  • Model your internal supply chain as detailed as needed to run your internal logistics and production processes
  • Model your external supply chain including all relevant companies and business partners involved
  • Leverage your ecosystem of partners, external solutions such as Web shops, MES, or CAD systems, and multiple adaptation capabilities
  • Integrate the value chain for cost transparency, real-time inventory valuation, and optimized cash-flow
  • Work efficiently by uniform task distribution, process automation, and exception based planning and execution

SAP Business ByDesign – Project Management

Key Innovations

  • SAP Business ByDesign supports commercial as well as operational project management and the entire range of project scope which enables you to manage a broad variety of projects types 
  • Automatically pushed workflow tasks, alerts, and notifications give your project managers and teams clear information required for their daily work
  • Available mobile apps support you in time and expense recording, approval process, and project monitoring
  • Seamless project integration across all functional areas, including finance, CRM, procurement, and logistics
  • Built-in analytics and reporting for real-time project tracking and accounting give you full transparency

SAP Business ByDesign – Financial Management

Key Innovations

  • Convergence of internal and external accounting concepts
  • Parallel valuation capabilities to fully support multi-GAAP accounting (parallel accounting) 
  • All operations within your goods and services value chain are seamlessly linked to financial and management accounting
  • New cash & liquidity management concept

SAP Business ByDesign – Information Management

    Key Innovations

  • Built-in analytics provide you real-time information based on one single source of data
  • Multiple ways, such as Browser-based, MS Excel, or mobile are supporting you to consume the information based on your individual needs
  • Create your own custom-built reports and data sources which are key for your business
  • The in-memory technology of SAP HANA provides you high-end performance in running analytics
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